Thursday, June 26, 2014

Looking For the World's Biggest Boobs - There's a Map For That

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world's largest fake breasts

Do you ever wonder which country has women with the world's biggest boobs? You won't be too wrong if you say America, after all Norma Stitz, the woman with the world's biggest natural breasts is from Atlanta, Georgia. Maxi Mounds, the lady above with Guinness world record for largest breasts in 2005 is also an American. So does America have the world's biggest boobs?

Well, there's a map to give us a scientific answer. Generally, the women in the U.S. have mostly D-cup breasts, along with South American countries, Venezuela and Colombia. Not to my surprise the smallest breasts, are apparently those found on women in Asia, particularly in East Asia. So now you know. What I did not foresee was that women in Africa, including Nigeria were also classed in the A-Cup group, the smallest sized breasts. I'm beginning to think this map is biased.

In another surprise, the map gives the honors for the world's biggest boobs to the women of Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. These countries are the biggest breasted with the average of ladies there having "larger than a D cup" bra sizes.

The map does not explain how the breast sizes were measured, though the experts at HuffPo imagine tracking bra purchases per country would be an ideal - and fairly non-creepy - way to get the sizes.

They also suggest suggest taking the biggest boob rankings with a grain of salt, as "it's hard to imagine that anyone has measured every chest in the world or taken a worldwide account of what size bras women buy. Plus, do breast implants count, or are we talking au naturel exclusively? Unclear."

World Biggest Boobs
Meet Norma Stitz. Née Annie Hawkins-Turner, the 52-year-old for Atlanta, Georgia, has the world's largest natural breasts (as reportedly confirmed by Guinness) -- 102 ZZZs. That's 3.5 feet of cleavage and each side weighs in at 56 pounds.

After having emergency surgery to remove her breast implants due to an infection, the 31-year-old mum says she felt deformed. 'I just wanted to wake up and have my breasts again,' she says.

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