Thursday, June 5, 2014

Living Life Abundantly - Area Number One is Romance in Marriage

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By Yetty Williams

One of the things resonating with me recently is that God said he came so that we might live life abundantly! Hmm, let’s ponder on that, God came so that I (we) might  live abundantly. The first part of that sentence says that the Enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy but God comes so that we might live life abundantly!

Did you get that? God came so you, I might live life abundantly. This means that if I am not living life abundantly then something is wrong…that means simply that the enemy is trying to kill, steal or destroy a part of what God has come to do in my life! God’s plan for abundant life means that the enemy’s intent to hinder my abundance is to be made null and void.

So I have declared a take back mission- I am taking back everything that does not pass the test of “living abundantly”. I am a woman on a mission. I am a bit of an intellectual you know so the first stop on understanding this was to dissect the word abundantly.

Abundant(ly)means overflowing, prosperous, happy, more than expected, with joy, present in large quantity, more than adequate, over sufficient, richly supplied, copious, profuse…Ahah all this just for me?

So on my take back mission I am going to tackle each and every area of my life and put it through the “living life abundantly test”.

Area Number One is “Romance”

Yes if you are married you know the first area the enemy tries to destroy is romance. Such a wicked thing really!

While dating I would say “Honey, lets save your money and instead of going out again let’s just stay in and watch a movie.”

Or what about “I can’t wait till we get married and I am all yours”

Or shy with PDA? Public Display of Affection? “ooh Honey don’t kiss me outside you know I am shy”

Are you married and looked in the mirror lately? Can’t remember the last time I went on a date. If we do manage to even get out on a date there is another enemy in the form of the “smartphone” that tags along.

What about romance? After a day in Lagos traffic, office drama, checking homework, running out of diesel, Prayer meeting…..did you say romance?

Then PDA? Had I known I would have to apply for a hug or hand holding private or public, I would not have been shy before!

Anyways all this one now is story…I am taking it all back from the enemy! I want abundant romance, yes I want the date nights back that will be uninterrupted by blackberry or twitter or facebook or instagram or whatsapp Phew!

I am supposed to be enjoying my marriage abundantly, that means more than what I think is ok because God has abundance in mind. After all “His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life”. God has already given all I need and told me that he came so I can live life abundantly!

So as I commence my take back mission – I can already visualize it my marriage bubbling, abundantly with romance, date nights, PDA (smile). So what is stopping me? Nothing that I don’t already have the power to overcome!

See you back here …I waka go to Abundance.


Yetty Williams is the founder of Lagosmums where this article first appeared. Check it out here.

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