Friday, June 13, 2014

Kefee's Last Video + Nigerian Community In Las Vegas Asks For Help To Return Her Body Home

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I was really shocked and sad when I woke to the news that Kefee died. I hear some of you who are not happy about my earlier unverified reports and I apologize again. I will be doing more 'gutter press', it is only that way the 'publicists' etc will send me their statements. That said, I'll try to be sensitive.

The following statement was made to the Nigerian community in Las Vegas, by the president, Mr Festus Ebonka. He announced the death of Kefee at the Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas, after her heartbeat stopped naturally. And he is appealing to all Nigerians to help take her remains back home, and says her husband is devastated and not ready to speak yet. [Via Chi Chikelu of African Beats LV based in Las Vegas.]

Also, a commenter on my report of Kefee's death shared a video of Kefee that had me tearing up at how fickle life can be. He also had the following correction and insight into the last days of Kefee in the US and before she went into the coma that led to her death. He wrote;

So sad, this has got to be one of the saddest moments in my life. There should be some corrections though. She was on a flight from Los Angeles to Chicago, but she collapsed and was taken to a hospital in Las Vegas. She died in Vegas and I didn't really believe those pregnancy rumors. She's been in a coma in last month. How do I know? I was with her the day before she collapsed. She had been in Los Angeles already. She performed at Gospel Faith Mission House of Testimony on Sunday.

The next day, Monday, she was shooting a music video in Hollywood, CA. I was one of her camera guys. She seemed fine that day, and I could see nothing wrong with her at all. She was happy, smiling, dancing, laughing and enjoying herself. There was a whole crew and we spent the entire day shooting the video. The next day, she was supposed to bored a plane to Chicago for what I believe was either another concert or another video shoot, I'm not exactly sure but as she boarded the plane and they took off, she collapsed. The pilots were forced to land the plane in Las Vegas, Nevada and there she was taken to the hospital.

She's been in a coma ever since and now this. She's passed and my heart is heavy. I had so much fun shooting her video. And if you could see all the excitement was caused, you would be so happy. It is a sad moment indeed. I just can't believe this. R.I.P. because you served the Lord well Kefee. R.I.P.

To verify that she was already in LA, here's a video of the message she made promoting her performance there

And a video of Kefee's last concert performance at a Los Angeles Church


  1. blessings.....
    May her soul rest in peace.


  2. May her perfect soul rest in peace. Amen


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