Friday, June 13, 2014

Jimmy Fallon Talks About Infertility Struggles and How They Found Success With Surrogate

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Jimmy Fallon's popularity has skyrocketed since he took over on The Tonight Show, but his proudest accomplishment is becoming a father. In a new interview the 39-year-old discusses the five year struggle it took he and his wife to get their daughter.

On the cover of the current issue of People Magazine, Jimmy poses with his 11-month-old daughter, Winnie Rose, and they both wear matching grey suits and polka dot ties.

Inside the magazine, Jimmy Fallon discusses in detail how he and wife Nancy Fallon, 47, tried to have a baby by undergoing five years of fertility treatments, some which were initially successful but then failed. Finally, the couple found success with a surrogate:

'We'd been trying to have a baby for a long time. It wasn't easy. We had a surrogate for this one, but it didn't feel real until probably after the five-month mark.'

'It's just tricky. We'd gotten to the three-month mark before, and you think, "Great!" and then something happens. And you try again, and something else happens. I have a really cool wife. She's awesome. We were like, "Okay, we'll try something else. We'll do this. We'll do that." We did everything. But it's really tough. You never know.'

And through that experience the talk show host has gained an appreciation for parenthood:

'It's a blessing. If you can have a baby, that's so cool. If you can't, it's a lot of work.'

'When we finally saw her on the ultrasound we thought, "Oh my God, this is real." That's it. It's a human being,' Jimmy said of the first time he saw his daughter. 'She was sticking her tongue out. She was already making everybody laugh.'

'Finally when you get to hold the baby, it's just surreal and emotional, and you want to protect her. And it's this person you immediately fall in love with.'

And his favourite thing is to just play dad to little Winnie:

'I just want to hang out with my daughter. Little girls are the perfect things. You can get the cutest outfits for them... My daughter makes everything so much better.'

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