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Public Sex is Legal In Amsterdam and Copenhagen Parks, But Will You Do It?

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So, a couple of public parks in Europe allow sex in them. The rules at the Amsterdam Vondelpark says it's totally ok to have sex in the park as long as it is in the evening or night time when children are less likely to be there. Also, you have to pick up your condoms. That is assuming you use one

The Dutch police are in full support of the legalization and are actually encouraging other parks to follow suit so as to make their work easier. They say people already do it and arresting mating couples is just too embarrassing and unnecessary.

The same as another park in Copenhagen (Denmark) with the following rules.

"Sex in the park is allowed. But show some consideration.
Many children institutions use the park.
Therefore please avoid:
Sex in the playground and visible places between 9 am and 4 pm.
Loud sex in hiding between 9 am and 4 pm.
Remember to:
Remove semen from the benches after the act.
Leave condoms and used napkins in the bin.
The city hall of Copenhagen calls for safe sex.

So would you have sex in such a park or any other public place?

Personally I think what happens in a bedroom should stay in a bedroom, or at least within your home or property. I don't want to think about seeing other people having sex in public places. Maybe I won't mind. I can always look away, not like I don't see it on TV or movies. Thats just me.

Some might say though that public parks should not legalize sex because they may want to visit with their children, and certainly you don't want to traumatize minors with the sight of the "do".

What do you think? Comment and Vote.


  1. This is so disgusting. What has our society come to?! Delusional and decadent just like Rome.

  2. Yeah I agree. It's so disgusting and delusional that we can't have sex where we want. The human race would fail without it so why prohibit a natural process.

  3. lol since its natural then why use a condom?

  4. it's about time all countries make it legal, I mean are animals being arrested when they have sex. no... sex is a natural thing

  5. I enjoy having people watch my and my girlfriend have sex. My girlfriend says it makes her climax more intense. There are times I enjoy self pleasure in front of people. That really makes me climax harder.

  6. I think that the opportunity for those that do want to do this is wonderful. I'm actually doing research on this because my husband and I have some wonderful ideas for our 12th anniversary vacation.

  7. Sounds great to me.

  8. I think it's fine with the rules listed. No one seems to mind showing all of the violence in movies and tv, or profanity in song lyrics. Why is consensual sex so offensive? It's two people being VERY nice to each other and doing something completely natural and normal. Most people won't do it anyway, so for the few who dare, let them. If you don't want to see it during your trip to the park, look the other way and keep walking.

  9. If people could have sex more freely, there would be more love, and less war. People are disgusted because they see the negatives in people. If others could learn to see people for who they are, instead of what they wear or what they look like, sex wouldn't be a time to feel disgusted, but instead, a time to smile that two people are enjoying life, peacefully. Sex is healthy, when practiced safely, and creates more friendships than enemies. Sex has only become "disgusting" because that is how modern society has redefined the act.

  10. It wouldn't bother me to see anyone have sex anywhere. It would probably just make me horny as Hell. But of course I don't want my children seeing it. Once we are adults, we're pretty much set in our ways. Children are still setting roots. Moral roots. Protect them from the corruption we all see later in life. That said. My wife and I are on our way to the park to fuck. Just kidding. But I wish.

  11. Is gay sex allowed in either of these parks?

    1. Most definitely I am sure. Both Amsterdam and Copenhagen are extremely liberal and open minded cities. They wouldn't discriminate between gay or straight sex.

  12. Let's hope not,UNLESS hot lesbians ofc

  13. we are better than animals

  14. I agree, sex is a natural thing, why keep making it taboo. Its the safety around it and protection that should be emphasized.

  15. I think more countries should adopt this park sex law philosophy, it's a great initiative. Obviously not every park should be turned into a sex park but efforts can be made to accommodate public sex freaks. A late night picnic sex seems like a nice idea, doesn't it? Raise your hand and say "ai"


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