Saturday, June 7, 2014

How to Keep A Financially Peaceful Household

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One huge cause of misunderstandings and fights in relationships is money: how we earn it, how we spend it, how we save it. It is vital that couples learn that neither should be solely responsible for the relationship's finances. As always, teamwork and mutual respect is the key.

Decide how important money is to the two of you. Sure, money is convenient, but at what cost? Is having to send the kids to daycare okay? How about never having the time to go on vacations? Time and money are usually a trade-off, so the two of you need to decide where you stand on the issues.

Decide how to spend the money. Do the two of you have separate checking accounts, or are they shared? Either way can work, but you always need to talk over big purchases together, even if you're paying for it with "your" money. Otherwise, your significant other will feel betrayed and not respected when you bring home that enormous television set.

Decide how you are going to save money. You both need to get your long-term finances in order. Money conversations are so much less stressful when you know you have money safely saved and in the bank.

Money problems are some of the easiest issues to fix, if you sit down and figure out exactly what you are unhappy about at this moment. Always make money decisions a team effort, and through your problem-solving, the two of you will grow closer in the process.


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