Friday, June 13, 2014

Have You Seen a Baby Moving Inside The Womb Like This Before? Watch!

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A close up shot of the belly of a 37 weeks old pregnant woman shows the unborn baby moving around in the womb, pushing so hard that the outline of its head, behind and legs are visible on the mother's stomach. Have you seen such an amazing sight before?

I've heard that babies kick in the womb, and I always thought that was something only the mother felt, or if you put your hand up close, I never realized you could actually see it outside the tummy!

- The day before my son was born 30 years ago, he turned completely over from a breach position, it took him all day to finish. We watched him roll around and could see different parts as they passed under the skin. I so wish we had a video camera back then. My water broke the next morning and the doctor admitted me immediately because he had me scheduled for a C-section in three days. When I told him that the baby turned over he didn't believe me till he took an ex-ray. My son weighed 9 pounds and was delivered 4 hours later without incident! God is amazing!

- My breach baby never turned ... but you could see him trying. He kicked his way out. Knew it was time to call the doctor when he broke through and his leg popped out. He was born breach, naturally a few hours later at the hospital.

- My son was very active like this...he moved all the time.  I could feel him stretch and you would be able to see his feet and arms .  I loved being pregnant!

- My baby girl, Nina, 3 of 3, started putting her little foot out to be tickled every night when we went to bed, and I would tickle her til the day she was born.  I have pictures of her sticking her foot up to me to be tickled all thru her babyhood  :D  I wish I could send you one.    I still tell her about that (she's 7 now) and tickle her left foot for her sometimes.

- One of my child weighed 11+ lbs. It was like a cat trying to get out of a paper bag!

- My one daughter would stretch out her leg and you could see her foot. I would have to rub it so she would put it back. My youngest would move around like in the video, especially when the doctor would do a sonogram

- During my first pregnancy, my (now ex) husband "fell" out of bed. He was irate because he thought that I had kicked him out of bed. When he looked down at my belly and saw the foot and leg from our yet-to-be-born son sticking out of the side of it, he realized that I was not the guilty party. I laughed -- a LOT!

- When i was nine months along with my twins, friends or ours used to say can we come over and watch the babies move around?  together they weighed 14.5 pounds  not much moving room but it was amazing even to me to watch my uterus expand and contract with their moving

- Maybe a girl as my tummy looked like an alien was coming out she moved so much have it on video too exactly 1 month before she was born.  Incredible feeling!

- My son did this all the time. It felt like he was doing laps in there. lol Sometimes I'd look down and see a foot or even his little butt. :D

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  1. i saw my niece do this in my sister's tummy… it was d most exciting thing i ever saw

  2. It is the amazing miracle of God


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