Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Father Refused Entry Back Home After Toddler Defaces Passport With Scribbles While Traveling

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I saw this picture on Facebook and couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry. I know for sure if I were the father, I wouldn't be laughing. A Chinese father took his family on a trip to North Korea but on their way back, he refused entry into China because his four year old child had defaced the identity page of his passport.

The child had cancelled out his name and many other aspects of the passport details by drawing abstract characters on the page using a pen. In addition to that, the toddler had also added extra features to his dad's face, including a full beard, larger eyes, etc...

The picture got on the internet after the stranded father posted the photo on Chinese networking site,weibo, begging for help. He is currently trying to obtain a new passport before he would be allowed to get back into China

What would you do if you were the father? That is when you finally get home? Someone I asked said the boy deserves time out or some spanking, but isn't it the parent that should have taken better care of such a sensitive document as their passport?

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  1. Children! To the innocent child, he was just having fun with the pen a a "piece of paper." lol.


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