Sunday, June 8, 2014

#CheatersGetNoLove - Teenager Breaks Up With Cheating Girlfriend on Twitter

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17 year old Kane Zipperman from Georgia has become famous after he posted the break-up text exchange between himself and his ex-girlfriend on Twitter. The girl cheated on him with his best friend and Kane decided to get back at her by making their break-up public. The text exchange quickly went viral because he included witty insults and internet memes. I didn't find it funny at all though some people seem to think so. See it after the cut..

Some of Kane's get backs are pretty witty and hilarious, but I can't get past where he threatened her with violence and said he thinks of murdering her family. No, that's not funny!

Kane has gone on to appear on CNN, Yahoo News! and many other high profile media outlets.

What do you think?

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  1. it's pretty obvious to anyone that he's just a kid in pain, using wit to get back at someone who seriously hurt him. If he was serious about using violence then I'm certain he would not be joking with memes and posting them for everyone's amusement. It's this humiliation he's using to get back at his Ex. So, nothing to be taken seriously IMHO. BTW that girlfriend should get lost please. He's as fantastic as she says he is and she still went ahead to cheat. And has the effrontery to say "it was just one guy"????


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