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Career Choices - How Being a Nursing Professional Can Help You Touch Lives and Make a Difference

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A nurse is more than just someone who helps a doctor with patients. Nurses are a line of communication for those who may have no one else to talk to. They can serve as a confidante for those who don't want the rest of the world to know why they are seeking care.

Inspire Hope in Others

As a nurse, you are the one who is going to talk to patients about their status, give them their medicine and otherwise be there when a person needs someone to talk to. If someone is going through a battle with cancer or a child is going through an illness, you can be there to give hope to that person.

There have been stories where nurses will hold a spa day inside a patient's room or just spend extra time talking to that person even when their shift is over. Just knowing that someone cares can provide the hope that a person needs to keep going.

Act as a Liaison for Younger People

A nurse can act as a go-between for young people who may not want to tell their parents why they may have gotten sick in the first place. If a teenager has a heart condition that was exasperated by drug or alcohol abuse, that teen may be more likely to play dumb and make it harder for the doctor to figure out the cause. However, a good nurse is able to coax out what caused the condition to flare up and help that person get better without judgment.

Simply Be a Friendly Face

An older person who is forced to stay at a long-term care facility or at an assisted-living facility may not have a lot of friends and family. Therefore, their nurse may be one of the only people that he or she will see on a regular basis. Over time, seeing the nurse and chatting about a TV show or a book could be something that helps an elderly person want to get up and start the day.

Getting a nursing degree from Ohio University or other such schools is about more than becoming a medical professional. It can be a way to truly touch the lives of others and make a difference in the community.

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