Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[Photos] Bomb Blast Hits Abuja Shopping Malls - EMAB and BANEX Plaza

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Bomb Blast in Abuja

Up to 5 people are feared dead as explosions hit the two most popular shopping malls in Abuja. EMAB and Banex Plaza situated side by side in Wuse 2, are the commercial nerve center of the city and host hundred of shops and thousands of people pass through them daily. I lived in Abuja for several years and it is scary how many times I went there, especially after I became a bank officer.

A Vanguard reporter on the scene said,

"I can see human parts and some bodies scattered on the ground but we are too scared to get closer for fear of another bomb. Many traders and visitors to the mall are still trapped in the burning building."

Manzo Ezekiel, spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency, told AFP news agency: "You can see smoke billowing from the sky. It's a very crowded place."

Bomb at EMAB Plaza


  1. This is crazy, why are these animals doing this to Nigeria?

  2. This is so sad. I'm happy I was spared, I just passed out of that gate 5mins earlier. But then I think of those that lost their lives. God help us.


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