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Are Football Players Allowed To Have Sex While at the World Cup? See Country List

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Every World Cup coach has his own methods for trying to improve the success of his team. Some coaches have imposed rules on their players not only covering their training regimen and on-field tactics, but also on their after-hours activities.

While researchers have found that sex is no physical detriment to athletic performance, some coaches are unconvinced. The chart above shows where the individual country teams come down on their players’ bedroom activities during the World Cup.

Some teams have explicit policies about player sex that they’ve shared publicly, and Quartz has done a post collecting all the available information. As you can see from the chart above, Nigeria falls under, "It's complicated"

Why is it complicated for Nigeria? Because the coach allows wives and not girlfriends, which some find discriminatory. Also, the football federation does not want women and sex on camp. I wonder if that is realistic?

From Nigeria Bulletin;

Super Eagles coach Stephen Keshi has given his green-light that his players can come with their spouses for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

There has been an ongoing debate whether Nigerian players should be allowed to travel to Brazil with their partners for the World Cup,with some arguing that it could be a source of distraction to the team.

Keshi noted that he will welcome those with their legitimate wives and fiancees,but he will not allow 'girlfriends' as he was not sure of the players properly managing the situation.

“Players can bring their wives and fiancees to the World Cup. But I don’t know about girlfriends,” Keshi said in Lagos on Tuesday.

"I don't have a problem with that but it will be up to the players to decide if they want to bring their wives," Keshi said adding "but no girlfriends."

Earlier this year, member of the Nigeria Football Federation(NFF) Paul Bassey disagreed with the mooted idea, stating that the team's performance might be impeded with the presence of their wives and girlfriends.

“It is important for the coach to maintain a serious environment during the World cup as allowing wives and girlfriends may affect the performance of the team. If he wants to get the full complement of his squad or the starting eleven for each game then he should not allow such in camp. Nigeria is not ripe enough to afford the players such opportunities,” Bassey said.


  1. belgium should be in "banned" part" sin,ce the coach forbadde the wifes to meet with them^^;; so logilally^^

  2. If I were the coach, no wives or any woman allowed!


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