Saturday, June 14, 2014

[Advice Please] Is it OK For Him To be in a Serious Relationship With Me and Still Flirt With Another Girl?

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Dear Myne, I'm a regular follower of your blog. My boyfriend and I are very much in love with each other and in a serious relationship which is known to both our families and friends. Recently, I was looking for a particular contact on his BBM chat and i stumbled upon a chat with a lady whom he is apparently flirting with.

I was shocked and surprised at the same time because he is not that kind of a person. I asked his friend and I was told he was just whiling away time with the girl.

I'm confused because i don't know if it is okay for him to be in a serious relationship with me and still flirt with another girl. Please advice on me what to do because it has been on my mind for days now.


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  1. Chatted with one of my readers early this morning. She just found out her boo sent some chic his d*ck pic and when she asked him about it he said he was just whiling away time with the girl...
    Back to the matter, I understand how hurt and confused you must feel but If that's all he says it was then I don't think you should lose sleep over that. But you must begin to watch him closely, you obviously don't know him as well as you thought you did. And to answer your question; no, it's not ok.


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