Thursday, June 12, 2014

Advice From Britain's Oldest Married Couple to Young Couples, They've Been Married 75 Years

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Joseph Littlewood, 98, and wife Sally, 99, have just celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary and they believe regular marital arguments helped their love last over the years - but only because they learned to move on after each tiff. From their own experience, the Littlewoods also believe that long courtships and engagements, and not moving in together too quickly, are vital to a long-lasting marriage.

The couple who met at a dance hall 81 years ago in 1933, only got engaged three years later in 1936. They equally got married after a three-year engagement in 1939 as World War II broke out. With six years between the time they met and when they got married, their relationship is still going strong today in 2014, 75 years after they took their vows.

When asked of the advice they would give young people still single or newly married, the couple said:

'The advice I would give to young people getting married these days is to argue lots but always remember to get over it. It is never worth stewing over. People always have arguments, and in 75 years we are going to have had a lot, but the key is to move on.

When we were young, people just stuck together - back then we had courtship and that has now gone by the wayside. A quick wedding wasn’t done in those days and a long engagement gave you time to get to know each other and know if they were who you wanted.

Kids these days move in together not really knowing what they want from each other. If you are going to move in with someone, or marry them, you have to know you love them. Everyone is getting divorced these days. They have quick marriages and I just think people do not have what they want. They go to live with each other too soon when in reality if you do that you should be in love with each other.

Great love, great faith and a great family have kept us together.'

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