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A Typical Traditional Marriage List In Igboland - True or False?

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When I shared a bride price list last year here, I felt it was a bit on the moderate side since some of the items were like N200 and none cost more than N5,000. This is another Igbo traditional marriage list I just saw and the person that shared it said it was the typical list in all of Igboland.

I beg to disagree o, some of the exorbitiant quotes and included gifts brought tears to my eyes. I've never seen such a list before. I'm sure even the elders of the Brideprice app [here] haven't seen it before either.

Which part of Igboland does this list belong to? I think the ladies from that area need to boycott traditional weddings. Period! Unless all of them can find and marry billionaires like Dangote, of course.

Check it out below...


Ego maternity -N- 1,000
Body cream: lux soap; big towel, 1 each
Ego ogo cherem – 50,000
Yams 20 tubers
Snails 20
Okporoko (stockfish) 1 big tray
For the ngwa efere
Yams 40 pieces
Okporoko – 2
Ukwa anu ewu – 2
Morning rose powder – 24
Pomade – 20
Sugar – 10 packets
Ovaltine – 2 big size
Bar soap – 1 carton
Tablet soap – 1 carton
Tin milk – 1 carton
Bread – 24 loaves
Salt – 2 bags
Rice – 1 bag
Tomatoes tin – 1 carton
Red (palm)oil – 1 tin
Groundnut oil – 1 rubber
Kerosene – 1 tin
Maltina drink – 2 cartons
Soft drink – 6 crates
Onions – 40 bulbs
Ego ala abo – -N- 10,000
Ego nfotu ite – -N- 1000
Big basin – 2
Big umbrella – 2
George material – 2 pieces
Hollandis material – 2 pieces
Blouse material – 2 pieces
Head ties – 2
Wrist watch – 1
shoes – 2 pairs
Big box – 1
Lamp – 1
Hand bag – 1
Nigerian wax – 1 piece
Gold necklace and ear ring – 1 piece


Section A

8 Kola nuts or cost price
8 Gallons of palm wine or cash equivalent
8 heads of tobacco with potash
1 Goat for umunna
2 Crates of minerals
1 Carton of maltina
2 Cartons of star beer
1 Carton of Guinness small stout
8 Packets of Benson and Hedges
2 Bottles of Ground snuff
Lump sum (ogwe ego) – -N- 2,000
2 Bottles of seaman’s schnapps

Section B

Kola nuts or cash equivalent
20 Gallons of palm wine or cash equivalent
2 Crates of minerals
2 cartons of maltina
2 cartons of Guinness small stout
10 cartons of star beer
One roll of Benson and Hedges
12 Heads of tobacco with potash
4 bottles of seaman’s schnapps
4 bottles of ground snuff
Ego ala ezi – -N-1,500
Officers money – -N-1,000


32 kola nuts or cost price
30 gallons of palmwine or cost price
2 crates of minerals
2 cartons of maltina
2 cartons of Guinness small stout
10 crates of Star beer
Two rolls of Benson and Hedges
32 Heads of tobacco with potash
4 bottles of seaman’s schnapps
Umunna Ahuna Ego
Toasting of wine
1 bottle of seaman’s schnapps with 500 naira for Onye Eze (Village chief)
Ego Umuama -N- 1000
Ego mpatu Anya (Jealousy money) -N- 1,200
Ikpo Onu Aku Nwanyi (Bride price) – Negotiable


  1. Typical list in all of Igboland? Arrant rubbish. It's not for all Igbos. It's a way of extorting money. If not, then whoever does this must be on a very local tip. My sisters and I did our traditional weddings with a short list. Cigarettes, snuff, alcohol, goats etc were not there. Some of these things aren't Christian-like and that was the angle we used to eliminate a lot of things. Our husbands families gave them a lot of money and even the bride price that they said was high wasn't as high as I thought. I'm from the most expensive bride price village in Igboland (allegedly!)

  2. I don't think it's right for you to call this a typical Igbo bride price. Every clan in Igbo has its own list. So please don't generalize it.
    This kind of list is only in some parts of Ngwa and some parts of Imo state. Anambra and Enugwu is not like that. So please don't come online and write false things about my tribe.

    1. You shouldn't take things so personal. Myne herself is Igbo so don't worry she's not coming online to write false things about YOUR tribe. Add to that the fact that she said she does not agree that this is what an Igbo bride price list looks like.
      That said, if you check the cash equivalent of this list it might not be as exorbitant as one would think as the length is quite discouraging and misleading.

    2. ngwaa is not like that,their list is one of the least lists in igboland.pls stop calling names. i know and believe that all this list issue depends on the family.

  3. As an mbaise girl. Just saw the list they gave my husband and im pissed. Almost 400k will be spent on just buying things on that list. I am not for sale and my family has told him to only get what he can afford. As for the extortionist yhat made the list, they can take it or leave it. If I see any of them near my husband house, I will kill somebody.


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