Saturday, June 7, 2014

31-Year-Old Dating 91-Year-Old Grandma - Pictures and Video

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Kyle Jones, 31, has been in a casual sex relationship with 91-year-old great-grandmother Marjorie McCool for the past 5 years and, says they are perfect for each other, despite the 60 year age difference. Kyle, from Augusta, Georgia, is currently dating several older women at the same time and even takes them home to meet his 50-year-old mother.

For the last five years he has been in a 'casual' relationship with 91-year-old Marjorie McCool. And despite the 60-year age gap, the pair have an active sex life and can't keep their hands off each other. Kyle says,

'Everyone's brain is wired differently, some guys prefer blondes, some brunettes, some like other guys - I like old ladies. Most of the time, the average age I go for is between 60 and 80.

Whenever I'm trying to speak to an older woman, the first reaction I get is 'you're way too young'. I find persistence is good so I tell them it'll be fun.'

'Often, the things women are so self-conscious about is what I'm into. I like the neck lines and wrinkles. Women worry about their boobs sagging but I think the natural hang looks great. I'm really not a fan of plastic surgery.

I don't like to say gray, I'm a fan of platinum hair. I prefer it natural.'

'The most common criticism I hear is 'you're after money' or 'you're after inheritance'. Or people think these women must be buying me things. But it's not true at all - I do this because I like it and they like it too. I've dated women from various ends of the financial spectrum, but it's never about what they have.'

Dailymail reports that now Kyle uses dating websites to find women as well as chatting them up in his daily life.

In 2009 he met great grandma Marge in the bookshop where she was working and asked for her number.

Marge, who had been single for 37 years since splitting with the father of her six children, agreed to go on a date.

She said: ‘The physical side of our relationship is wonderful. I amaze myself, he amazes me. There’s nothing better.

‘I wear sexy outfits to bed. I try to keep my bra on though because I don’t have much left.’


  1. this is not funny

  2. Call me judgmental but I simply can't wrap my head around this one.. No No!


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