Monday, June 23, 2014

13 Year Old Nigerian Boy Dies After He Tried to Save Drowning Girl

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13 year old Ricky Osagie, a Nigerian boy living in Dublin Ireland died after trying to save a girl who was drowning in a lake at their residential complex. Ricky and another girl had gone into the water to save the other girl who was having trouble swimming.

Paramedics arrived shortly after the accident at 6.15pm and all three teenagers were taken from the water. But witnesses claimed Ricky had been under water “for at least 10 minutes” before he was found.

Both girls were brought to Temple Street Children’s Hospital for treatment and are understood to be recovering. Ricky’s condition had been described as “serious” and he remained in intensive care throughout the night before he passed away.

According to Irish Mirror, Ricky Osagie was a teenage soccer sensation whose dream was to represent Ireland, his distraught father, Kelly Osagie told the Sunday Irish Mirror. He said Ricky was a hero because he knew he was risking his life when he went into the water as he couldn’t swim.

"He was trying to help someone else.That’s what happened. My son died a hero. He went in and then that was it. My son is gone but a girl is alive because of him. He always smiled and was happy all the time. He was such a fantastic footballer. We have trophies everywhere in the house. Ricky was going to play for Ireland, that’s what he said he was going to do. He had so many friends. He is a hero, a real hero. I want the world to know what my son did. He was a man.”

This is such a sad story, my heart goes out to his family and young friends. He was indeed a true hero.

May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

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