Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Woman Sentenced To Death For Marrying Christian in Sudan Gives Birth In Prison

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Meriam Ibrahim who is currently in jail now and facing execution in Sudan for marrying a Christian, and thereby changing her faith [read HERE] gave birth early to a baby girl after 4 months of being in prison. She will receive 100 lashes before she is executed - sometime in the next two years.

In a heart-wrenching conversation with her husband during a rare prison visit, Meriam told him:

"If they want to execute me then they should go ahead and do it because I’m not going to change my faith."

Meriam insists she has always been a Christian and told her husband she could not 'pretend to be a Muslim' just to spare her life.

Her husband is working with human rights agancies to try to save his wife's life. They have another two year old son together, who is also living with his mother in prison. The little boy is deemed Muslim and so he cannot live with the father who is a Christain.

How messed up can the fight for religion be? Innocent kids suffering for no good reason!


  1. God have mercy! I will never understand why people think this wickedness is necessary all in the name of religion. It is absolutely crazy!

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  3. The Inhumanity that passes for humanity, insanity that passes for sanity and the unreasonableness that passes for reasonableness is a pandemic plague perpetrated against us by us, sadly normalized madness committed against women is nothing new.

    The more we "progress" the less we learn. We are just walking in the foot steps of past atrocities and is now reaffirming it in our present. The hand-prints foreshadowing our future and future generations if these practices are not stamped out permanently.

    May God have mercy on our souls. May God enfold her and blessed her steadily so she may know peace, comfort and love beyond measure.

    Have mercy


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