Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Toyin Aimakhu Says She is Not Pregnant, Can The Rumors Stop Now?

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Toyin Aimakhu says she is not pregnant. The Yoruba Nollywood actress got married to Niyi Johnson in July 2013 and since then speculations have been rife about her pregnancy status. Over the weekend, several media reports insisted she was finally pregnant based on pictures of the actress that emerged from the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria, an event she attended two weeks ago

BN reached out to Toyin to confirm if she indeed expecting, but she explained that she was not expecting but the design of the dress that suggested otherwise.

Dressed in a figure hugging green sequined dress, Toyin Aimaku's posture and the cut of her dress must indeed have confused these reporters who wanted to rejoice with her by all means.

Our advice however to such people is to have patience with newly married couples and women, and allow them to announce their own pregnancies when they are ready.

You may not know what the couple is going through and they may have indeed planned to wait some years to start a family based on their life goals and finances. Even if this is not the case, couples owe no one else, but those they chose, any explanations or apologies on when to start popping out little ones after marriage.

Where the couple is trying without immediate success, or experiencing infertility, speculations of pregnancy will not hasten pregnancy, rather it may hurt them more than you can imagine. Keep your rumors and 'dry-hating' (thank you, Linda) well wishes to yourself, please.

Wishing Toyin all the best! Her babies are on the way :)

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