Saturday, May 31, 2014

Things You Should Know Before You Fall in Love

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Ignorance of these things have often resulted to heartbreak. If you have more, you can share so that I will also learn (and add to my collections).

'Fall' is a negative word. You hear people often say 'I fell in love'. Months later they are in agony of heartbreak. Its a simple explanation. They fell and broke their heart. Love at first sight will vanish if you take a second look. So you don't fall in love; you grow in love.

Two people that must be in love must be compatible in at least these five places;

(A) spiritual compatibility
Ever wonder why some churches maintain that members MUST co-marry? Imagine Jehovah Witness man marrying Lord's chosen. Imagine Deeper life man marrying Christ Embassy (trowser freak) lady. They will always clash in religious matters.

(B) mental compatibility
Imagine a trader in main market getting married to a barrister lady. He can't speak good english and will always embarrass her among her colleagues. They are in two different realms mentally. U know what I mean.

(C) physical compatibility
Have you seen Aki's wife? Ever wondered why he had to go for a tall girl? If not, they will give birth to the world's shortest kids. If you are ugly, please marry a fine partner (to make the world a better place)

(D) intimate compatibility
The recent caption I saw on the news paper a week ago 'man sues wife over sex starvation'. This is the secret of infidelity in marriage. When the man cannot satisfy his wife and vice versa

(E)emotional compatibility
Some people are just emotionally dead. They care about you but they may never tell their wife how much they love them. They may never even praise their wives in public. Watch out for the signs

Imagine a year1 student in the university in love with another year1 student in the same department and they decide to get married. Here is where age comes in. Age and mental maturity. O yes! Age is not just a number! Age has a lot to do with experience and maturity. Marriage is not a bed of roses. You will hear your wife fart! Ugly, smelly fart and you will still love her! A man in love is incomplete until he has married. Then he's finished!

Can he take care of my bills? Does he live with his parents? Is he a mummy's pet? Does he have any source of income? Can he send my kids to school? Can he protect me? And most of all is he a man or a guy or a boy or a baby? Financial security!!! The ultimate!

We all have our flaws. Our partner must live with those of our flaws that we cannot change. Most people get angry easily. I dnt want to spend time here

If by now you don't know you temperament then you're a learner. You must know your temperament and its blend. Every human on earth must have an indepth study of any book on temperament.

There is no such thing as 'missing rib'. In this world, there are about 500men that have the qualities you want in a man. Anyone of these 500men can be your husband (talking to the ladies). Same with the guys. Don't limit your search to one man. Look out, don't be promiscuous.


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