Monday, May 26, 2014

Single and Lonely? 4 People To Avoid Temporary Hookups With

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Most of us have been single at one point or the other, and more importantly, we have felt that loneliness that makes being single that much harder. No matter how beautiful one is, loneliness does not discriminate, especially when all around you all you seem to see are couples in love and weddings every weekend. Being single and knowing you're at the point where you want someone to share your life with is nothing to be ashamed of.

But you might regret it if you allow those temporary feelings of indiscriminate need to lead you to hookup with someone you really, really shouldn’t.

These are the four types of people you should try not to hookup with when you're single and lonely;

1. The First Guy That Asks You Out

This is a classic case of settling. You've beed alone for so long that any one begins to look good. Some justify this by the saying, "If the desirable is not available, then make the available desirable. Please, this may work with fruits and food but not partners. If this guy does not meet your usual standards, do not have a fling with him not even by telling yourself it's only temporary.

2. Your Neighbour or Flatmate

When you're single and lonely, the tendency is that you spend a good amount of time at home, and it is likely you notice that guy in the apartment across from yours who looks single too. If you are a student, it gets worse if the person is sharing the same apartment and you all have to sit around the living room watching TV together. That you both like Law and Order SVU is enough for a lifetime. When your differences drive you apart, you may not be able to move out, and can you imagine the awkwardness?

3. A Colleague at work

This is assuming you have a job where you're trying to build a career. Please do not muddy the waters by hooking up with any of your colleagues. This may lead to your coworkers gossipping about you two, the person might have loose lips and make fun of you afterwards. What you definitely don't want at all costs is to be sacked by HR or have to leave a cushy job over a fling gone wrong.

4. A Platonic Male Friend

Starting a romantic relationship with a platonic male friend will complicate everything, especially if they can tell your heart is not really in it. For one you don't want to mess up what could be a great lifetime of support and cheer when your romance tapers off.

Because the eventual fallout from hooking up with the wrong person can be disastrous, you want to be very intentional with your dating life. Don't make an avoidable mistake and get into a fling simply because you want someone to call your boyfriend or worse, husband. And if you try to mould such a temporary relationship into a marriage, you will repent at leisure.

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