Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rihanna Joins Cyberbullying of a Teenager Who Copied Her Dress

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In what could possibly be a mix-up, Rihanna joined in cyberbullying a teenager who had made a prom dress inspired by Rihanna's stylish jumpsuit to a high profile event. The prom was hollywood themed and sixteen year old Alexis Carter was a big fan of Rihanna, though maybe not anymore.

A family member helped her mak the outfit which everyone admired, and at the prom, the teenager was praised by her classmates. But on social media, especially on Twitter, many users mocked her using the hashtag #prombat.

Rihanna joined the fray by tweeting the picture above and below with debatable caption. The first with a frowning emoticon and the one below with the caption, "she gets it."

Many have read the tweets as mocking the girl, but I see some ambiguity. Rihanna, whose Instagram account has been shut down, has not clarified what she meant.

Do you think she was also laughing at the girl?

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