Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Remember Lady Making 300 Sandwiches For an Engagement Ring? He Proposed!

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Last September, I wrote about Stephanie Smith who started a food blog based on the fact that her boyfriend had one day mentioned that he would propose after he eats 300 of her sandwiches [read here]. Her blog went viral with many pouring scorn on her chosen method to getting a ring.

But it was obvious Stephanie Smith was just doing the blog and sandwich thing for the love of writing and cooking and was not hung up on getting a ring from her boyfriend. But their relationship continued to grow and what do you know, the boyfriend has popped the question! And she said yes!

The couple were on vacation in Barbados and he proposed on bended knees with a heart-shaped arrangement of flowers. A surpprise for Stephanie :)

The happy newly engaged blogger is more than ever in love with her new fiance as she wrote on her blog;

The day after I arrived in Barbados, E had a big shocker for me: he asked me to marry him.

I was working on sandwich #257. I guess neither one of us could wait until #300.

I said yes, by the way.

Words cannot express how extraordinarily happy I am. Not because I have a engagement ring, but because I’m going to spend the rest of my life having ridiculously amazing adventures with my soul mate.

My mouth hurts from smiling.

E, I love you more than anything. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you.
Congrats to them!


  1. Abegi, all these oyibo gurls them..wen they fall in love, they fal madly, do foolish things and all..bu when they fall out of love (and they usually do) they kick ur sorry ass and leave.

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