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The Pros and Cons of Dating a Techie Boyfriend - Cosmopolitan Infographic

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This infographic is featured in the latest Cosmopolitan's "Manthropology" section with the title "Bros & Cons: The Start-Up Techie." As a woman married to a start-up techie of her own, and friends with a couple of other techies, I can tell you that the graphic is right on the mark. I didn't have this kind of guide when I was dating Atala and have had to learn blind. For anybody considering dating a techie, this will certainly come in handy.

From Jezebel

Pros to dating a nerd tech start-up bro: Nerds are so hot right now! They're so hot that every woman's favorite social media platform agrees. "Scan Pinterest and you'll see: Urkel glasses are the new Wayfarers and sweater-vests are practically leather jackets (have you seen Drake lately?)"

But the trick is is that nerds don't know they're hot right now! "He scores points in World of Warcraft, but scoring girls is new for him."

Finally, he's actually smart, unlike those other dumb dumbs you've dated, which means he's the rare unicorn of a man who is both good in bed and good to talk to because he has "five different degrees."

Cons to dating a dork tech start-up bro: You are always going to be second to his job, he's always working and his job is kind of stupid! "It's a problem your boyfriend refers to his 'baby' and he's talking about his beta-stage, investor-backed app that hooks up singles based on their favorite cheese." (BRB stealing this idea right now.)

Plus, he's maybe not that hot when you have to actually listen to him talk about actual nerd stuff (like "when he gets into a comic-book debate with your waiter") that you don't know/care about! All you wanted was to hear about the specials and now this waste of time.

Lastly, now that you've taught him that he's hot by deigning to go out with him, he's become "a secret d-bag" who spends his time flaunting his newfound status as a hot commodity. "Make sure that he has only one window open at a time, if you know what we mean."

I think this techie described here is similar to any intelligent guy who is a hard worker or loves his job and is good at it. We were discussing work-life balance with a friend the other day and the issue of workaholics came up.

Workaholics can be annoying and force you to live separate lives if you're in a relationship with them or leave them entirely. But they also give you space and allow you some me-time. And sometimes, after the initial years heavily invested in their business or work, they would have made enough money and can afford more time for you and the good things of life.

So who do you prefer, a busy techie boyfriend or a regular average guy?

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