Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Photo of Kate Middleton With Lifted Skirt is Another Breach of Privacy

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A German gossip magazine has published a photo of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge as a gust of wind lifted her dress and showed her bare backside. This was during her trip to Australia with husband Prince William and son Prince George.

British papers have refrained from publishing the picture which compares Kate with the Kardashian sisters. Bild published the picture with the caption, ‘Khloe, Kim and Kate – backsides which have moved us these past few days.’

While Kim and Khloe are shown fully clothed, the photo of the Duchess is of her walking with Prince William near a helicopter when wind from the propellers lifted her dress. Too bad there was a photographer taking a picture then.

But one is tempted to ask, but why did he feel he needed to sell such a picture to the highest bidder.

This incident is coming less than two years after the Prince and Duchess launched legal action against a French magazine, Closer, which had printed topless photographs of Kate on holiday. In 2012, Prince William and Kate famously won an injunction against the French magazine.

RML is in solidarity with the William and Kate and know they'll get through this just as graciously as the last time, and keep winning too. Below are official photos from the day of their Australian tour.


  1. Thank you for not publishing the picture. Some people are so disrespectful, why not wonder, if this is me, will I like my naked bottom everywhere for all to see?

  2. Why should she go to an outdoor function with such a light floaty dress and no underwear?

  3. Why should she go to an outdoor function with such a light floaty dress and no underwear?

  4. this same blue wedge?

    e good to dey buy designer tinz sha oh

  5. Myne he sold it to the highest bidder because that's how he gets his daily bread. Not saying it's right... Just saying.
    That said, although I like the Kardashians "khloe, Kim and Kate" is quite mean and was just intended to humiliate. The world is filled with unkind people.


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