Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ohio Man Banned From Impregnating Women Till He Pays Off Back Child Support

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LOL. Asim Taylor, is one of those men sometimes referred to as "deadbeat dads", men who have children with women and then fail to provide for the kid's upbringing. In January 2013 Asim Taylor was banned by Judge James Walther from having anymore children for at least five years until he could prove that he was financially providing for the four children he already had. By then, Asim was almost $100,000 in debt for child support.

An appeals court has now upheld the ruling, during which the Lorain County Probate Judge James Walther said, “It is a matter of common sense and personal responsibility."

According to the ruling, if Asim impregnates another woman during the five years probation, he could go to jail.

His attorney, Doug Merrill, appealed the case as he said it violates his client’s rights.

Merrill said in the defence that the only way to follow the order and to make absolute sure that his client does not impregnate another woman is to abstain from sex, and that basically forcing his client not to have sex violates Asim's rights.

Now that the appellate court has upheld the judge’s ruling, I wonder if they will go on to the Supreme Court. I do hope the man is more careful going forward, maybe he really should stay away from sex completely.


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