Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nigerian Bride Price Calculator - How Much Should Your Man Pay To Marry You?

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Are you married? About to get married? If you are a Nigerian, you will understand how important the bride price is whenever marriage is on the cards. As a man, do you wonder how much you need to pay to your in-laws? As a woman, do you want o know how much you're worth? There's now an app for that!

This bride price calculator determines the answers to your questions from timely and very relevant indicators, weighted by perceived and actual monetary value. Are your bowlegs sexy like Beyonce's, or more like JJ Okocha's? That might add or subtract upwards of N100,000 from your bride worth. Are your teeth white or brown, gapped or not? Any big or small tribal marks? Any degrees, Masters or PhD?? You'll be surprised how this one is weighted.

Long story short, I answered mine with Atala to keep me honest and vain, and this is what we came up with. I've told him he's owning me quite a bundle. My Umunna can keep their N500, I certainly know what I can do with N1.7 Million.

Want to find out yours? Go to

Make sure to read the disclaimer below... LOL...


  1. This is really funny. I got less than 500k. Lol...

  2. I smell Ojoro o Myne!

  3. I got #481,000.00
    I am a premium babe. My wife material is 100 yards of cord lace.
    Nice app. I love it.

  4. Interesting app, had fun running different permutations, for my friends and enemies lol...

  5. They are not serious, why should fair skin be more expensive than dark skin? BTW I got 292K, 10 yards! Myne na ojoro be dis!

  6. Your bride price is

    NGN 341,500.00
    Chassis babe with NAFDAC Number!

    Myne you did Ojoro for sure! LOL...

  7. I got 1,492,500.00. My in-laws owe me big time!

  8. how do I do the calculation of bride price on

  9. There are a variety of calculators available. Some are very specialized, some quite simple. guarantor loans


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