Thursday, May 22, 2014

Names of Men Most Likely to Cheat on Their Partners Revealed By Survey

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A recent U.K. study of 2,000 unlucky-in-love women looked at their experiences with men in the past and saw Wayne ranked as the least trustworthy name when it comes to love. From their responses, men named Wayne are considered the least trustworthy when it comes to maintaining faithful relationships. took the results from the UK study and deduced that in America, based on the popularity of the names, women are more likely to encounter a man named Scott, the name that took the seventh spot on the original list of men with a wandering eye. Lovers should also be on the lookout for Mark and Matthew, who took the second and third spots based on popularity of the name, respectively.

The Unlucky 13: Top American Names Most Associated with Cheating

1. Scott

2. Mark

3. Matthew

4. Lee

5. Ryan

6. Nicholas

7. Steve

8. Wayne

9. Craig

10. Harry

11. Dean

12. Ashley

13. Liam

I hope no one reading has a boyfriend's name is in this list? Do you know anyone by any of these names, and if they have a history of cheating? Can you think of other names?

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