Thursday, May 15, 2014

Naked Couple Caught Having Sex in Public Next to Bank ATM

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A couple in Spain took off their clothes and got right down and dirty having sex in their local bank foyer next to the ATM. Some passers-by took selfies of themselves with the couple going at it behind them, while others simply took pictures of the couple.

What is somehow funny is that the couple did not even settle for a fully dressed standing up quickie. They removed all their clothes with the only piece of clothing left on them being their socks. In the uncensored picture which you can find on the Mirror UK, their clothes are strewn all around them.

The report states further that

The lovers continued to have sex without knowing or caring what was happening outside where people were laughing, applauding and taking pictures.

A police patrol went to the area alerted by a shocked witness.

First the officers just knocked on the door but seemed too embarrassed to actually do anything.

Then another team showed up and entered the premises. "Get up and get dressed," barked one officer. "You know this is not the proper time or place to be getting up to this."

A police spokesman later said: "The couple obeyed. We took their details but we have not pressed any charges. I suppose they got carried away in the heat of the moment."

Pictures of the amorous duo later ended up on twitter and another social network site. There were also plenty of puns on the internet about "making a transfer" and "penetrating funds" because of their peculiar choice of mating territory.

What do you think of public sex, and would you ever try it? LOL... I won't!


  1. LOL, i'm all for adventure but this is a bit much. Their bank account must be off the chain if seeing it made them take leave of all their senses, strip butt naked and do the horizontal mambo right then and there!

  2. Hahaha you think it's their bank account? I think they just cray.


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