Friday, May 30, 2014

Maheeda's Latest Nude Pictures Are An Artistic Inspiration

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It was Mrs. Jada Pinkett-Smith who wrote recently of the human body, calling it "beauty, art, creativity, expression, a vessel for the soul, our temple and a magnificent machine." Jada Pinkett shared these words as caption to a picture she shared on Facebook - in the picture, Jada was lying naked on the couch in muted lighting. I appreciated Jada's toned body in her picture as I do Maheeda's in these her latest nude art photography, see below.

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I don't know that I can encourage anyone to share their completely naked pics on social media, but aren't you inspired in any way to take better care of your body by such atlethic bodies?

Jada concluded her caption by saying, "We gotta take care of it[our body]. Love on your body today. It’s the only body you got".

What do you think of Maheeda's body, art, beauty, creativity, inspiration, or not?


  1. Haha! Everything has become "Art". No Myne, I'm not inspired to take better care of my body. I look and Kate Henshaw's and Cameron Diaz's clothed bodies and I'm inspired. If at all this nudity evokes any desire or emotion in me it's certainly not one that makes me want to hit the gym. But I'm never against a person's choices, especially when it does no harm to the next person.

  2. Choi, this woman is tight sha.

  3. Maheeda is an attention whore, period.


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