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Husband Says He's Father of Quadruplets, But Wife Did IVF With Infertile Lover

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A mild drama occurred last Thursday at the old site of the Abia State University Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH), Aba, as two men claimed paternity of a set of quadruplets, all boys. One was the husband of the woman who delivered the babies while the other was her current lover.

The two claimants, Luke Ogbonna and Hon. Enyioko, a politician, were said to have had an intimate affairs with Mrs. Nnenna Joy Ogbonna, mother of the quadruplet, at different times. Sunday Sun gathered that Luke Ogbonna who hails from Isu in Ebonyi State was the legitimate husband of Mrs. Nnenna and that their ten year old marriage had been blessed with five children.

But due to the dwindling financial fortune of Luke and the attendant hardship faced by his family, the wife reportedly began to look elsewhere to make ends meet. In the process, she allegedly found a new love in Hon. Enyioko, a politician from Asa in Ukwa West Local Government.

To forestall her husband’s suspicion, Nnenna was said to have introduced the politician as her   late father’s friend and her mother, Madam Mary Jonah Eze, who was staying with them attested to it.

At a point, Luke became suspicious of the relationship and warned the politician to steer clear of his wife, but the warning fell on deaf ears.

When he released that things were getting out of hand, he later sought the intervention of his wife’s friends to save their marriage from the threat of an interloper, still, the effort was to no avail.

Not too long after, Mrs. Ogbonna became pregnant and the result of the scan test carried out on her indicated that she was carrying a quadruplet.

In an attempt to avert the looming trouble ahead, one of her friends was said to have advised her to register for ante natal at a government hospital where she would be protected in case of any trouble and she gladly complied.

Some weeks to the delivery time, our source equally hinted, Mrs. Ogbonna reportedly went to ABSUTH and registered with the name of her new lover instead of her husband’s.

Nurses on duty at Ward 4 where she was admitted and who had known her earlier five children raised some eyebrow over the new name but she insisted on having it.

Just as Luke who was unsuspecting of her motive always paid her regular, visits, so also was Hon. Enyioko who often brought various gifts.

But a little while to delivery time, she told her husband to stop visiting her at the hospital because of a concocted spiritual attack she said she used to have each time Luke visited her.

However, the real drama unfolded on Thursday when doctors delivered the woman of a set of quadruplets. Luke stormed the hospital with many of his relations to inform ABSUTH authorities that he was the bona fide father of the new born babies and that nothing should happen to them.

Sunday Sun gathered that hours after Luke had left, Hon. Enyioko, whose two marriages were said to have allegedly crashed as a result childlessness, also came with his own group of people claiming paternity of the babies.

Enyioko was said to have told the bewildered workers of the teaching hospital that he had spent millions of naira to do an in-vitro fertilization that made the woman to be pregnant and that he was the one that arraigned for the set of quadruplets.

Sunday Sun gathered that the teaching hospital management had put the babies out of the prying eyes of the two ‘fathers’ for safety reasons until they were discharged from the hospital.

When contacted, the Assistant Director of information, ABSUTH, Joe Onwuka, confirmed the incident. He said the management of the health facility was not interested in the politics of the paternity of the quadruplets, but how to safeguard them and their mother within the period they were at the teaching hospital.

Story via Sunnews Online
Picture of Rwandan quadruplets via Pih.org


  1. This is what i call okokobioko. Lmao.

  2. Women sha! They can kill a man.

  3. Its quite possible the other man paid for her to be a surrogate for the children, its amazing what poverty does to certain people, Maybe the Husband is in on it sef and now he is trying to get more money for the babies, they have 5kids already and he is finding it difficult to take care of them but he wants to bring 4 more babies to the equation? it doesn't add up at all...i wonder if they signed a contract


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