Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Halle Berry Explains Breast-Feeding Difference Between Her Son and Daughter

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Halle Berry got pregnant and gave birth to her son Maceo at the age of 47 when most women are already menopausal. On the Ellen DeGeneres show recently, she discusses not only her pregnancy, but how different her baby boy breastfeeds compared to how his big sister, Nahla did as a baby.

Halle actually acted out her breastfeeding experiences with both Nahla, who is six years old now, and Maceo, seven months old. It's hilarious! Watch it below ...

For the mommies in the house, how were your babies different when it came to breastfeeding? Are boys really that different from girls while breastfeeding, or is it just that all babies are different?


  1. My experience was very similar. My daughter: half-hearted; could take it or leave it; got bored at 6 months and refused to nurse. My son: overly-enthusiastic, possessive, and nursed for over a year. (T.M.I., lol).

    1. That was my exact experience too. My boy is almost three and he will still suck if I let hm. The way he holds on to the breast when I carry him eh, you will laugh.


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