Saturday, May 10, 2014

Funny Picture - When a Baby Takes Over the Parent's Bed

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I don't think I'll have our baby share our bed, but a lot of parents do, either for their first child or the latest one.These are parents of babies who they feel are too young to sleep in a crib, or in another room by themselves. Sometimes, the mother wants the baby in the bed especially if she's breastfeeding so that it would be more convenient to feed the baby at night.

I understand all these reasons, and they are very valid. However, the picture above shows how allowing the child to sleep with the parents can turn night time to activity and play time for the baby and marathon time for the mom and dad. At a point the dad even has to move to the couch, lol...

Has this ever happened to you or someone you know?


  1. I have been in all the positions in the picture, except maybe the last one. Usually it is me she lays on not her dad. I dont usually share my bed with my kids. They have been sleeping on their own bed in their own room since they were 1, but one of them creeps into our bed every night and takes over. Daddy has to leave most times. I wanted to curb it when she first started this, but then i thought, she wont be this way for long. Soon she will want her own room and privacy and not want to curdle in bed with mommy. So am enjoying it while it lasts.


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