Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Facebook Plays Matchmaker With 'Ask' Button For Relationship Status

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Facebook has introduced a new feature called the "ASK button" which will allow your Facebook friends toy ask you about your relationship status if you have not filled it out. So if you are a single man or woman and you see a face you're interested in, and you can't tell if they're single too because their relationship status is blank, you can just click the ask button and send them a message.

I remember back in those days without the Ask button, if we had questions about a Facebook friend's relationship status, we would click through all of their photos and start guessing games on any picture the guy appears with just one lady, or the lady who appears the most in his albums.

The ASK button appears to the right of a person's relationship status on their Facebook profile, but only if they haven't indicated a relationship status. If you click it, a small window opens with a text field for you to send them a message.

Do you see yourself using the Ask button?


  1. The 'Ask' button is there for any of the basic profile info that is left blank, not just relationships- though relationship status does seem to be whats left blank most often lol. Mine certainly is.


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