Thursday, May 22, 2014

On Husband's Alleged Cheating, Did Adaeze Yobo Get It Right Saying "Join The Line"?

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Adaeze and Joseph Yobo are one of the celebrity couples that share their marriage on social media with pictures and commentary. Adaeze regularly updates her friends and family of her life as a student, wife and mother in her faraway locale. But not everyone can love everything you do.

A commenter on one of her pictures took the criticism too far this afternoon when they suggested that Joseph Yobo cheats on Adaeze and her pictures on Instagram are her ways of putting a happy face on her pain. Adaeze replied the person and made it seem like she knew about Yobo's cheating ways and was not bothered about his many women.

Adaeze followed the response up by making a screengrab of their back-and-forth and sharing that so everyone could see. The picture is the one above which she captioned;

Ok! Seriously, stop sending me messages like this on instagram. I am the last person who cares. emoji stop it! #getoverit #iamnotajealousperson so you going about it the wrong way boo boo. I hope you find peace

There are two scenarios one can infer from her comments;

1. Joseph Yobo is really a serial cheat and she knows about it and over looks it,

2. She is being sarcastic and only putting the insulting commenter in their place,

But if it sarcasm, there are definitely a lot of her so-called fans that did not get it. When people think and reason on marriage and romantic relationships like some Nigerins do, speaking loosely can get one in trouble. Check out these two comments below...

You guys should stop repying to the that riffraff called uyyii, he or she wants to be notice and you are giving him/her the attention, wish Adaeze hard ignored the bastard. Foolish and jobless Uyyii please every man sleeps and fuck around not even your father is a saint so get over it, the last time. I checked she is still in her husband's house married with a baby BOY, and watch it another one could be coming soon while your are here getting frustrated. No man is a saint they are all polygamous in nature. Sso keep your stupid comment to yourself. 2face idibia has kids all over while dating Anne yet Anne still got married to her. Adaeze iss still the only wife and mother of Yobo's son! Deal with it OTELE!

@adaezeyobo and every decent woman every where, an advice from a big sister. The average nigerian single woman is frustrated. Do u blame them? There folks, colleagues and what have u are on their necks to hook a man. It's so sad that all they can latch on is married men who don't even respect them. They can't boast of single men who can give them a name to bear even if they run along and screw their friends. So when biatches like @uuyi who can't get a man to call their own see married women , anyone as it may be , they hate them for having that fab life they wish for them selves. The worst this bitch can do is sleep with UR hubby which I know she has not and will not. Since she isn't lucky she is cooking up over exaggerated gist. I have experience this shit before though am not yet married. So sweet hug UR hubby and fuck him well this night and come and celebrate it in UR next selfie. Those who r telling u to stop exchanging words with this bitch r been unreal. Show her that if she thinks she is a bitch u are a bigger bitch. And the madam of the house so she can hang her self

No matter the scenario, do you think she got it right? Is this the best way to fob off those who seek to hurt your feelings using the alleged infidelity of your spouse? Why should you admit to something like that even in jest? And believe me, some people will use this admission to make a point against her someday.

Sometimes, silence is really the best answer for fools. On this one, Adaeze should've ignored the person.


  1. If you know the amount of insults these celebs receive, you will understand how hard it is to ignore the haters. I think she got it right. Haters can go and die.

  2. It's wrong for any partner to cheat in a marriage. Maybe she is jus being sarcastic, but we know its most likely for a rich Nigerian footballer to cheat.. even if he doesn't want to, dese runsgirls will chase him down or juju him...not an excuse though, no man should cheat weda rich or famous or not. the oda girl is probably hurt or jelox, I dunt think its just a faceless blabber, sth probably happened, wc Adaeze knows is true. She is jus telling d gal, gerrout, theres no space for you here..husband snatching is big business in Nig now so, lol. Anyway, most Nig gals jus wana get married and STAY married. So they swallow cheating, they live with it. How dare u talk divorce, when Yobo is rich. divorce naa, many gals will line up to marry him. It's sad though buh that's what happens.
    And these comments about her being the moda of his son, I dunt know why pple think that a child or son makes marriage more valid. Marriage is marriage. She is his WIFE, weda childless or not. And he should keep his vows. If Adaeze cheats tomoro, we will condemn her abi. Now nobody is condemning Yobo. She is even defending him, nawa for us. My thoughts sha.

    1. I totally agree with you. A lot of Ngerian men cheat, that is the fact. And Adaeze has made similar comment in the past about Yobo learning his lesson on how to apologize to her with expensive gifts.

  3. Nobody is saying she should divorce the man, btu she for keep quite. Her comments are an insult to both her and Yobo and you should see how her stuupid foolowers too are joining her to insult him.

  4. In Nigerian havng a child is very important in a marriage, especially a male child. Let's keep it real people.

    1. This one lives in the stone age...especially a male child.

  5.'s very ridiculous how Nigerian women already expect their husbands to cheat. I don't get it, how is it a norm? I dare say it is VERY possible for a man not to cheat. We keep acting like men are dogs that have no self control whatsoever, even dogs don't walk about having sex. Sheesh. Women need to relax. I hope she's being sarcastic though with that comment. Many women need a renewal of the mind. How do you go into a marriage expecting your partner to cheat? By the way, it really is not about 'jealousy' or pettiness anymore, there are REAL and dangerous diseases that a woman could get if her husband is a cheater. heck, you could even die.

  6. Myne, he cheats serially, and she knows it. Just look at that reply. Not sarcasm abeg! Yeah, I know these celebs get insulted every time and all that, but there's only so much one can take before he/she retaliates.

  7. Its pretty obvious she was being sarcastic!

  8. I think she got it was a calculated attempt to irritate the troll and she nailed it

  9. I think silence is the best answer. Whether her husband is a cheat or not is nobodies business and should not be discussed on social media, any body who tries it like this troll should be shut down/deleted.


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