Saturday, May 31, 2014

Charles Novia Makes Himself Moral Police On Top Tiwa Savage Music Video 'Wanted'

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When the furore arose on social media about what Tiwa Savage wore or did not wear as the case may be in her music video for Wanted, I was surprised but determined not to comment. I thought it would blow over when everyone has tweeted, Facebooked and instagrammed their hearts out.

It's interesting therefore that Charles Novia has expanded his tweets into a full post, all on top a woman's body matter? And accordig to him, he is the moral police and he is shouting most especially to protect a morally progressive Nigeria. Huh, say again?

It did not matter to me when I watched the video what Tiwa was wearing, and it should not, she is a performer. We have seen other performers do the same and maybe even more. Whether she was naked, wearing a body suit - as she was - should not be what Nigerians should fixate on, at her level, Tiwa is entertaining a global audience. Some say she is copying Beyonce, and I say, haven't we heard before that Beyonce is copying some other people?

Art is cyclical and each creative person is inspired by their environment and sometimes, specific work by some other creatives. Tiwa is no different, and we should not try to box her in, or other talents, from fully expressing herself, just because she is Nigerian and we are protecting an amorphous culture that has not moved our country forward in any way.

More than that, Tiwa is an adult and her body is her's and if anyone should have a say so, it is her husband, who in this instance, doubles as her manager. TeeBillz has come out to say he is fully behind his wife and they stand together in the professional direction they are taking her music.

May I also remind us of all the men who have shot videos half naked? How many thesis have been written on top their own head? None, eh? So men have no impact on the cultural sanctity of the country, abi?

On this final note, I say to the moral police brigade, take several seats!

PS - I did not post Tiwa Savage's Wanted earlier though I received the PR as soon as the video premiered on Youtube. I listened to the song but was not impressed by the excessive auto-tune nor the sparse lyrics. I prefer lyrically sound, and vocally performed ballads, and if the video has a love story, even better. Wanted was none of these and so I jump am pass.


  1. Oh, I remember Burna boy being criticized for wearing a pant on stage and the Prince Uzoegwu person also being criticized for showing the head of his penis in a picture. I dunno Myne... I don't think anyone has the right to dictate to her what and what not to wear but we are the consumers, the 'customers' and therefore we are entitled to opinions. I actually liked the song and I thought it could do well on its own without all that raunchiness and "Art". Mind you, I also find Beyonce's sexiness a tad unnecessary and over the top sometimes so this isn't about Tiwa being nigerian or not. But I'm done with this issue, it's so yesterday. Tee Billz and his Iyawo should go on with their badt selves and their revolutionary art.

  2. Here we go again with the "she's an adult and can make her own decisions" phrase. I should prolly also bombard all sorts of media with videos and photos of my husband and I having sex. I'm an adult too o. Your freedom ends where mine begins, Remember that.

    1. Where did Tiwa's video infringe your freedom. \\\\\\\\\\\\\if you don't like it, jump am pass like myne, no be by force.

  3. People will be disturbing themselves over things they cannot control, the truth is that regardless of our holier than though attitude, there is still a market in Nigeria for stuff like this, These artists will do what it takes to milk those markets they are not pastors or Imams. If you don't like the video, stop watching it and move on. if you are afraid your kids would watch it, there are ways to put parental control on almost every device. People are making a mountain out of a mole hill with this Tiwas video, anyway no publicity is bad publicity, so good for her

    1. Exactly, I'm laughing st them because Tiwa keeps winning the more they talk about it, soon the video will reach one million views on youtube.

  4. ..and after all said and done, she should repent well in time before rapture.


    NB: the video was creepy.


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