Monday, May 5, 2014

#bringbackourgirls - Patience Jonathan Please Stop Crying Fake Tears

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Nigerian news is making me so heartsick. Almost 300 girls are missing, some may be dead! And how did we end up with people like Goodluck and Patience Jonathan in Aso Rock? I watched the president's media chat where he said journalists know more than he does, and now seeing videos of Patience, "There is God o" because your baseless committee was shunned?

What office and power does Patience have to convene such a panel, and why is she usurping the committee already set up by the president? And then the rhetoric! Madame! It's not about you or your husband! Stop shedding crocodile tears and tell your husband to bring back our girls!

Patience was not upset about the fate of the girls, she was crying because she wants to exonerate her husband and some people are not paying her the attention she expects she is due. She wants the protests to stop because it brings negative heat on the president. Does she even care about the girls? It's all about her and her husband in her head. Such myopic thinking!

Some do not agree with the hashtag #bringbackourgirls and say it should be #rescueourgirls. Others say the Borno State government should be held accountable for the missing girls. IMO, Goodluck is in the best position to account for those girls. Borno is under emergency rule, and the military is in charge of the security in the state.

I do not expect Goodluck Jonathan to go into the forest, but surely he is the president and commander in chief of the army that should be spearheading the return of those girls. Call it rescue, call it bring back, we just want the girls returned home and to their families, and the buck stops at the president's table.


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