Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beyonce Removes Tattoo, Sparks Reports Marriage to Jay Z May be on Rocky Grounds

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Beyonce's marriage to Jay-Z has recently come under intense media scrutiny with reports that they are having deep troubles. This is soon after her sister Solange attacked her husband over an unknown disagreement [see video here]. Though the couple have appeared together to show solidarity on the day the news of the fight broke, a closer look at pictures show that Beyonce has apparently had her IV wedding tattoo removed.

Beyonce with her engagement ring and tattoo

Beyonce had actually gotten the tattoo in place of a wedding ring and had it dedicated to her husband to symbolise their birthdays and their wedding date and now it seems she has had it removed. New photos of Beyonce appear to show a SCAR on her ring finger where her tattoo once sat.

Beyonce without her tattoo or ring

Beyonce, who was also seen hanging out at the Nets basketball with her husband on Saturday, is clearly seen not wearing her whopper of an engagement ring in the courtside snaps - and on closer inspection she looks to be nursing a nasty red scar in its place.

Beyonce with Jay Z and No tattoo

Just a few weeks ago Beyonce shared a picture of herself eating chicken on her Tumblr, with a plaster over that same finger, and some people are claiming that was when she had the tattoo lasered off.

No marriage is ever perfect, and I choose to share more of the positive stories because so much of what is out there are of the horrors of marriage. None of us may ever know what Beyonce and Jay Z's marriage is going through, may be she removed the tattoo because of an infection, maybe she's getting closer to God, who knows.

If indeed they are having deep issues, I pray they are able to work through it.


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