Thursday, May 22, 2014

Beyonce Re-rocks Long Box Braids And They are Down To Her Legs This Time

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Beyonce  is rocking box braids for the second time this year, with the extremely long, caramel-to-blonde ombre braids flowing down one side of her face and trailing down to the top of her thigh. The singer rocked box braids earlier this year, posting pictures of herself wearing box braids with hip-length blond extensions on Instagram back in January. See more pictures of Beyonce in January and the recent hairstyle below.


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  2. Too long! My neck is aching already.

  3. Looking just like Solange in that bottom pic with her lips sucked in!!!!!!!!!!

  4. When I saw "down to her legs" I thought they got to her ankles. I was almost scared to look.

  5. they are not as neat as the ones we have here.. Seriously, that is very good business for my sisters here oh :)

  6. No big deal braids and half cornrow half braids were her signature style in her destiny child days

  7. They look thin and light, I want to see a better picture though

  8. They aren't box braids though. Box ones are much bigger.


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