Saturday, May 17, 2014

8 Ways to Show Your Love That Will Cost You Nothing

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OK, Maybe I should amend that title just a little bit, some of these tips I'm about to share on how to show love to your partner will cost you a little bit, just a little, I promise! Keep reading...

1. Go on a picnic together - All you need to pack are some fruits or juice and a blanket to relax on with your partner.

2. Take a walk - Total cost? Zero. Calories burnt? You decide, lol...

3. Make his or her favorite meal - I'm sure you already do this, right? All you may need to add is an extra piece of chicken and a kiss :)

4. Discuss when you first met - That was when the love was so strong and sweet, or totally innocent if you started as friends. Talking about shared memories bonds you together

5. Ask each other random questions about your childhoods, secret wishes, and hopes - I got this from a book I read and Atala and I practiced. Trust me, it makes for great conversation, and you get to know each other better still.

6. Start a new hobby together - Atala and I started dancing lessons, he thought me how to drive, we play video games together, and so on. Choose something you can both enjoy.

7. Sit close together whenever you can - At church, in your living room, on the couch watching your favorite show, share that close physicality and warmth of your bodies.

8. Hold hands in public - Nothing to add.


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  1. Aunty Myne, I noticed ur desktop view has gone 4rm d normal pink u had to a blue bkgrnd. R u copying dis website ? Once I clicked on ur site my mind immediately went to sugar daily's website. It almost feels like u want to make ur site luk like theirs. Plz don't, I like ur site d way it was b4. That was ur identity.

    Back to topic,, I agree wit point 4. Food will alwys be d way to my husbands heart at no cost.

  2. Hi dear, you must be a new reader. If you want to plug your site feel free. But I had this blue template for over a year before moving to the premium pink for a couple of months. The pink looked great, I'd always wanted a magazine layout, but many of my readers unfortunately said it wasn't working on their devices, so I had to revert. Thanks for reading, and you can vote with your preferred template on the right sidebar.

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