Thursday, April 10, 2014

Usman Dantata Jr - A Modern Nigerian Farmer with Anadariya Poultry

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Usman Dantata was the youngest in a compilation by Leadership Newspapers of 10 biggest agricultural farms in Nigeria. he was listed along with Olusegun Obasanjo, Adamawa governor, and Abdulsalam Abubakar, among others. I follow Usman on Instagram and admire his choice of agriculture - and a farm situated in Nigeria - to invest his family's wealth. Below are some of the pictures and snippets of his work he shares and then you can read what the newspaper had to say.

The young and enterprising Usman Dantata Jr., who is married to Rukaiya Indimi, daughter of multi-billionaire Borno businessman Mohammed Indimi, is the president/CEO of Anadariya Farms. The large poultry farm, which is located in Tiga, Bebeji local government area of Kano State, was started by the late business sage of Kano, Alhaji Usman Sanusi Dantata of the Dantata dynasty, in the 1960s. Anadariya Farms thrived well in poultry produce. For instance, it was noted for exporting poultry birds and eggs to Saudi Arabia twice a week using a Boeing 747 plane.

However, after decades of activity, the farm experienced some challenges and stopped operations until recently, when Dantata Jr. came on board and injected viability into the large farm. The CEO came with refined vigour, to ensure the farm maintains a successful track record. He has a background in investment and banking and was a trader of various commodities in Europe before coming back to Nigeria. He also has a certificate in feed production and broiler management obtained in North Carolina. Suffice it to say that he had equipped himself with the necessary training before stepping into the business.

This wealth of experience and pool of relevant knowledge may have been the reason for his decision to expand the services and operations of the farm to include a hatchery, production of broilers and layers, the production of feeds and the processing and sale of poultry products. Anadariya Farms produces above 3, 000 broilers weekly. This is one of Nigeria’s most viable farms, with its growing, diverse agricultural activities.


  1. Wow, very nice!I admire him.God bless his hard work!

  2. So after stealing as long as they set up a farm in Nigeria, is OK?

  3. You get proof?
    Why you mad?

  4. this is great.. not every young man or woman has to be in a suit and hold a briefcase to prove you are a "working class" person. dantata may be one (or was one) but this just thought me something about nigerian youths..everyone can't work in the bank! if you find a manual job you think has lots of potential you better go hang your suit and get to work..

  5. Anadariya was set up by Usman's father, the late Usman Amaka Dantata.His son probably inherited it and I guess it would have been silly of him to let go of such a prized possession with all the infrastructure his father had put in place.... only logical thing would be to revive the place.


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