Friday, April 18, 2014

PSquare About To Break Up? Baseless and Untrue

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Psquare's PR manager, Bayo Adetu, has described the report as false that the pop music twins, Peter and Paul Okoye, are fighting amongst themselves or that their elder brother who is their manager may be about to leave the team. He said to Premium Times,

I am too busy to give some wanna be blogger traffic, I don’t know where that report is coming from. Maybe they just want to get traffic to their site. It’s baseless and untrue”.

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  1. Its like he took the words right out of my mouth, These were my exact same words on twitter - Exact same,and i didnt even know he had written this.

    Linda Ikeji slowly but surely errbody will know you aint shyttttt.So desperate for traffic you will write anything. Havent u tortured this family enough. And then you wonder why nobody invite you to their wedding. Mschewww. anuofia.


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