Monday, April 21, 2014

[Poll] Beyonce’s Little Half-Brother Is Homeless - What Would You Do?

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Alexsandra Wright made earlier pleas for the public to help save her and her young son, Nixon Alexander Knowles, whom she had for Matthew Knowles, Beyonce's father, from becoming homeless. Now, they have been evicted from their home with their belongings to go into storage as they move to a shelter until further notice.

So what happened was that after paying hefty child support for a couple of years, Matthew Knowles complained that he was broke to a judge, who had the child support payments substantially reduced and backdated. This meant that Knowles was no more obligated to make further payments for the next two years. The former mistress had been living the high life on the higher payments and now cannot meet up.

These photos of her crying and her son on the street while she packs up their belongings seem very sad but one wonders if she did not bring it on herself? But some may ask, Beyonce has more than enough, and the boy is still her brother, surely she could help them out?

What do you think, and what would you do if you were the one? Would you cater to (pay the expenses or take in) a child your married father, brother, husband or other male relative had with a woman not his wife?


  1. Absolutely not, because it is not a sustainable solution. She needs to get a job and find a way to take care of her son. If she needs help stabilising (such as $$ to pay for school fees so she could be sustainable, etc) - that is a different story. But otherwise she is always going to be looking for handouts and its unfair to her and her son to expect that someone will always bail you out.

  2. Sorry but the woman is so irritating. I might pay tuition for the boy at a private school. But nothing more. If Beyonce allows this kind of woman into her life, next you know she will want to have a kid for jay-z

  3. She should get a job, she's not the only one who had a baby for a married man...let her get a job

  4. I dont think Beyonce should help out with anything. Although its beyonces little brother, is not her kid. Matthew should take care of his seed. That's what the woman get for breaking up a home, getting pregnant by Beyonce dad probably just to get child support and that alone. Thats what she gets. She better start back acting or find some type of place of employment to provide for her kid. Beyonce should not give her anything. Beyonce dont have anything to do with it. Thats what the woman gets.

  5. This woman did not consider this married Matthew's family when she was laying with him with NO PROTECTION.. Why should they continually be drug in this mess?

  6. She thought she was so smart..make your bed now lie in it...

  7. This tramp trying to shame Beyonce in helping her greedy, lazy behind after she purposely played a major part in destroying Beyonce's family. What happened to the $12,000 a month for 3 years she was receiving...she should have a paid for modest home, paid for vehicle and a business for herself along with some savings for a rainy today. $12,000 per month for 3 years-$400,000 for one child ain't no drop in the bucket. Beyonce's name should NOT be mentioned...headlines should say "Matthew Knowle's son and mistress now homeless". Bitch get a job.


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