Monday, April 7, 2014

Nigerian Medical Doctor Murdered by Husband in their US Home

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A young mother of two and a Nigerian Medical Doctor has been murdered by her 63 year old husband on Saturday March 22nd 2014 at their home in West Harris County, Houston, Texas.

Dr Isioma Awele Ebegbodi nee Unokanjo (pictured above), a mother of two and a medical resident physician at Marshfield Clinic in Texas, was shot dead around on that fateful day after getting into a fight with her husband and the father of her children, Martin Ebegbodi.

After killing his wife, Martin Ebegbodi went to a neighbors house and asked him to call the police. When deputies arrived, Martin Ebegbodi was arrested and charged with the murder of Isioma.

Isioma Ebegbodi attended Queens College Yaba and studied Medicine at the University of Lagos Medical School. May her soul rest in peace.

Gbemisola Boyede,former schoolmate to Isioma wrote this tribute  for her on Facebook...

Here I am just as I was breathing the sigh of relief that justice was done in the case of Titi Arowolo murdered by her husband in a grotesque act in their own home here in Nigeria
And watching with bated breath the ongoing trial of Oscar Pistorius who shot dead his girlfriend in his luxury house in Pretoria on Valentine day
I got the rudest shock of my life that a colleague, friend, former classmate in medical school was shot dead at 3am on Saturday in Texas, United States by her own husband! This is too close home for comfort!
Someone tell me what's going on?
Why are people who professed to love forever and who vowed before God and man pulling the trigger to abruptly cut short the lives they are to protect?
How do we explain this to the innocent children who are going to be deprived for life of parental love and care? Mum is dead but dad isn't available because he's serving terms for killing mum?
How? How?? How???
Please if you're in an abusive relationship riddled with domestic violence, this is the time to get out!
Please stop keeping the front of happiness when you're dying inside!
The society may not understand, we may even condemn ignorantly
But you owe it a responsibility to those innocent children to be ALIVE!
Please get out NOW to a safe house
I don't want to ever mourn another victim of spousal or domestic abuse
I can't begin to describe all the emotions I'm going through
So you can only imagine what her parents, sister and children will be going through!
This is so sad and how many times I've wished in the last 48 hours, we can turn back the hand of the clock!
Rest in peace Isioma, Issy Awele Ebegbodi and I pray God comfort your children and family and us all mourning you!
It shall be well!

Isioma's friends and colleagues from Medilag(Unilag medical school) and concerned Nigerians are presently collecting funds together towards her three children’s education.

May God grant her family and friends the fortitude to bear this immense loss.

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  1. She 36 and he is 63? The age gap is unbelievable! RIP.

  2. Most of the comments I have read about this story have been nothing but disgusting. I read a few commentators say things like she couldn't have been humble because she was a doctor or because of the age difference. Or that she must have married him out of desperation. I'm surprised at the conclusions people were reaching but no one seemed concerns about the two children she left behind. We only condemn domestic violence with our words, our (Nigerian) attitudes need major adjustment. Rest in peace Isioma

  3. Age gap or her occupation has nothing to do with this, he is a wicked criminal for killing this poor mother, and not even thinking of their kids. Pride goeth before a fall. I hope he burns in the electric chair.

  4. May her soul RIP! And I hope he pays dearly for his crime!!! My heart goes out to the children!

  5. May her soul RIP! And I hope he pays dearly for his crime!!! My heart goes out to the children!

  6. May her soul RIP! And I hope he pays dearly for his crime!!! My heart goes out to the children!


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