Thursday, April 24, 2014

Letter to PSquare on Breakup Using Their Song Titles

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Dear PSquare, I want to ask *WHY E BE SAY* una. wan split after all these years? Coz. u guys seem to have forgotten that there is *NO ONE LIKE YOU* in Africa, and u also forgot that God use *IFUNANYA* to make it to be a *POSSIBILITY* for u guys to be *UNLIMITED* today.

I feel so bad over your latest *STORY* coz *I LOVE YOU* and i urge u to deal with your present situation *PERSONALLY* and do not let your *BEAUTIFUL ONYINYE's* to make you split. Don't forget that they are only there to *CHOP YOUR MONEY*. I know that *E NO EASY* but u guys should try not to get involve in any *BIZZY BODY* because it will only lead to more *DANGER* in your career, and your fans will no longer be able to dance *ALINGO* again.

Take a look at how BRACKET is living their life *YORI YORI*. So u may call on LKT to come *FOLLOW FOLLOW* settle the problems u guys are having, coz e get as e dey *DO ME* anytime i hear that u guys want to *BREAK IT*.

I also heard that you brought *OGA POLICE* in to the matter.i want u guyz to be *MORE THAN A FRIEND*. to avoid any *TEMPTATION* which will lead to *GAME OVER*. try to use the formula of *IFUNANYA* we are hoping to hear your *TESTIMONY* soon!

Your in Christ Hon,GCE,PHCN,OND,Msc Ybanks!!

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