Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kaffy on the Fastest Shredder, But Is it Only For Women Contestants?

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Dance and fitness guru, Kaffy was on the set of the ongoing bootcamp for participants of the TV weight loss show, the Fastest Shedder to motivate and give them pointers on healthy living. I wonder if the show is for women alone though? The US shows it is based on, The Biggest Loser, showcases both men and women learning how to lose weight and keep it off and is one of my favorites. Hope this one offers that same help to the participants and watchers here.
Kaffy said this when she shared the picture above on Instagram;
Met these wonderful women who are their way to a healthier fitter lifestyle. In just a week in fastest shredder camp they have a totally different view of what was and what is .....and belive me they are well motivated and are ready for the challenge. They sang a song whose lyrics contain phrases like ....We been judged by the way we more hating myself no more frustration. They have discovered inner strength where dey never thought existed.some even said they thought they would die if they stopped eating or workout but here dey are on very low potions and mostly fruits nd veggies and they are still standing. I urge you all wellness is key to healthy life and we know that health is wealth . There comes a time when money is useless to securing good health. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Do something now. You might think paying for fitness programs and the like are expensive....look if u can afford 100k Brazilian hair, buy expensive phones even lavishe upto 5k at fast food joint, Trust me u might want to consider spending it on being healthy now than paying much more at a hospital years later. When factors will b mentioning ailments you will need to research their meaning. EAT CLEAN LIVE ACTIVE We are blessed in Africa we have organic food all around us than the West let's take advantage of it and learn more about our major problem we have is our portions. Yours sincerely in fitness and wellness, Kaffy

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