Friday, April 18, 2014

Chimamanda Adichie's Meme on Feminism Sparks Negative Trend on Twitter

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Chimamanda Adichie has become the face of feminism in Nigeria with her talks, interviews and most recently her book, Americanah. For a lot of self-identifying feminists including myself, she has made the topic interesting and one for our generation. But for a lot of chauvinist men and more conservative women, she is a thorn in their flesh. This meme and some others have sparked twitter outrage with some commenters predicting her divorce, calling her overrated, and all what not. Of course Chiamamanda has her defenders. What do you think?


  1. There was a popular commercial a few years back that showed a woman smoking a certain brand of cigarettes, and the accompanying subtitle was something like You've Come a Long Way, Baby! I think that many people have been put off by feminists over the years because they give the impression that women who want to be successful should think and act just like men: Be ambitious, climb the ladder while stepping on others' heads, be ruthless in business, etc. What's wrong with being a lady and proud of it? I don't care what a person considers her or himself as long as she or he is humble enough to respect and not trample on other people's beliefs and perspectives.

  2. When I think of feminism I ask to what end? If it's to end inequality, it is to foster recognition, equal rights, respect and value for both the boy child and the girl child, if it's to give a woman equal chances as you would a man, it's it's to accord her equal respect with a man, if it's to ensure that a woman has the same rights that the man does then I am all for it.
    However I find that some people do not know what the true meaning of feminism is. It's not about being a man-hater or being defiant, petulant or obnoxious as some supposed feminists tend to be. Myne to be honest I cannot express my views without writing an epistle.
    BTW I'm in complete agreement with the memes. Especially the first one.

  3. Forgive all my typos, I'm doing some serious multi-tasking at the moment. Hopefully I would come back and make a more comprehensible comment.

  4. Thanks Thelma, I look forward to your comment on a post on your blog. IMO, it is staunch beneficiaries of patrairchy that CHOOSE to misread/label feminism. Feminism no matter the form it takes is to pull down double standards and make life equal for women. Are there no petulant, obnoxious men? Why should women be held to a standard that is unsustainable? We are human beings too, not saints.

  5. Dear Myne even as I typed that I asked myself the same question; are there no petulant (etc) men? The point I was trying to make really, is not to disagree with feminists and feminism, or to oppose any of Chimamanda's views. I am in full support of the feminist's cause and one reason I will strongly fight for this is so that children of both sexes are seen as equal. I witnessed a forum where mothers with no sons are subjected to ridicule and bullying by their families and society, I heard someone say "a daughter is a tenant, a son is a CEO.". It is mind sets like this that I would like to see become extinct and I strongly believe feminism would be largely instrumental. If we can change that mindset then I think half of the problem is solved.
    @ my previous comment, there's no way to explain what I meant without causing more confusion, the appropriate words elude me tonight so I won't speak further on that.

  6. I love CNA and what she stands for - of course you can tell I am a feminist and have shared most of her memes at one time or the other. After much much, the name feminist is, in my opinion, a kind of discrimination if not why is the work menist not used as often (you only hear chauvinist from feminists but feminist is used alot as disapproval even by women).

    Even though I agree I am feminist I have over the years come to realize that even though i can hammer a nail through wood myself without getting hurt or change a light bulb, it doesn't make me a man and it shouldn't be a big-statement-making deal. Just like if my guy likes to cook and does it well, it should n't be a thing of shame either. These stereotypes we insist on working inside of only breeds resentment and hate and outrage (like BEP sings in where is the love?)

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