Tuesday, April 15, 2014

[Advice Corner] Should I Dump My Non-Graduate Boyfriend For a Working Guy?

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My boyfriend is yet to complete his degree program due to carryover he was having whereas i am through with my masters degree. my parents are worried saying that probably he has bn withdrawn from school, my friends are like i need to go for a working class boyfriend. But i knw this guy really loves me and i love him too dearly.

He is into car business and a contractor but this also gives my parent concern bcos they want someone with white collar job. I am so worried about this matter and dont knw which action to take. Advice pls!!!


  1. dont do that he can still become somebody in life if u give him the chance after not everyone who made it in life is educated so advice him to quit if its not working for there no shame in admiting that

  2. You are a grown woman and know what you want in a man. What your parents want does not matter as they will not live with him.
    How many "graduates" have "white collar jobs"? Education is not for everyo ne. He already has his WAEC that is good enough. If he is business inclined he should focus on it. Secondly if he graduates with any thing less than a second class lower its basically useless in todays job market. So he should find his Strongest suit and focus on it.
    You do you really love him enough to stick it out with him? That is the question you should ask yourself


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