Thursday, April 10, 2014

[Advice Corner] My Boyfriend of 2 Years is Chatting Up Another Girl

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Hello Myne, I am in a relationship now for almost two years.I love him so much even while he never had time for me l waited hoping he would love me someday. Along the line, he changed, started giving me attention and love and care.

Now l saw his messages recently, he texted a girl; That he want the gal to be his serious girlfriend. Dat he want a serious relationship with her. This is a man l have loved with all my heart! I am feeling so depressed and hurt. Please help me, what do you think l should do?

And moving on is going to be difficult. I always fall in love with men that always hurt me. I am so hurt, I thought we are really together. Hmmm what a life?

Thank you very much for your time and reply.

Hello dear, I want you to be strong. He has no feelings for you and may be he was only using you when he gave you attention before. Now it is clear he wants to move on to someone else. It is time also for you to forget about him. Do some other thing, like focus on your education or work or church. Or simply yourself and friends and family for now.

If you realize that you attract men who treat you badly, then it's time you stay away from men and pray that in good time, God brings the right person that will treat you well.

All the best.

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  1. Great advice Myne..
    All the best to the lady xx

  2. You've said it all Myne. I think the poster has esteem issues, time to work on herself.

  3. these are the men that will string you along for half a decade or more and FINALLY dump you and in less than 5 months, you start seeing his wedding invitations around..sista this is a sign! a very obvious one in fact.. find the courage and leave before you suffer more..kisses!


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