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What to Do When You Fall in Love With Your Best Friend

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By Keerthi Mohan

Falling for your best friend is probably the easiest thing that could happen. I mean how effortless would it be to fall in love with someone you know so comfortably close, someone who is by your side during good times and bad, someone who’s true to you and brings out the best in you.
The coolest part is, you never have to mask your feelings; you never have to fake. A true friend would see through every lie and would notice every time your mood flickers. And sometimes, when you realize how much they mean to you, you trip, and you tumble, and you fall; you fall in love. Just like that! The unthinkable happens in a fraction of a second and you are left helpless.

Anyhow, these are all things that you already know; the real question is- What should you do if it happens? What could you possibly do if you fell head over heels for your best buddy? Well, you know you can’t afford to lose your best friend so you must not let your love affect your friendship, come whatever may.

1. What you must do is spend more time with your buddy. Be there for them. It's important to understand what they need. Remember to be there for your friend because you care about them, not because you expect anything in return.

2. Make sure they know how important you are to them. Keep reminding them you’ve fallen; but remember not to over-do it, it’d only weird them out. You could drop a few subtle hints here and there.

3. To know if your friend likes you back you could probably use online love applications like ‘elop’ app where you can add your friend to your crush-list anonymously. See if it clicks and they add you too. If you get a ‘match found!’ notification, you’ll know the feelings have been mutual; and everything goes uphill from there.

4. Another something that could work is humor.  If you both have a sense of humor, tell each other jokes you like. It serves to entertain you both (and if you're lucky, you may get emotionally little closer before you even properly realize). If you have an inside joke, use it when it fits the situation.

5. Basically it’s always the tiny little things that need to be worked on. Over time, they’re bound to notice how great you are. You need to make sure they see what a great partner you would make and start thinking about the idea themselves.

Your friend understands more than anyone else so all you have to do is tell them how you feel. Open up like you always do. Your compatibility levels are high, so it’s definitely a risk worth taking. Moreover, a true friend wouldn’t let anything come in between the two of you.

Just in case you were wondering if you would lose your friend forever, you have nothing to worry. However bad the outcome maybe, it won’t last. Things will eventually get back to normal.

So is it a bad thing to fall in love with your best friend?

Absolutely not.

Ultimately everyone wants their partner to be their best friend. Just don’t hold back. Liberate yourself and feel free to express you love. Spread your wings and fly free!


Keerthi Mohan is a freelance writer from India. She enjoys reading and writing romantic and relationship articles.

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